My First 2 Weeks in Tacoma (told in gifs)



I’m on week two of living in Tacoma. Coming from upstate NY, I feel equal parts excitement and paralysis being in new territory. My experience is best summed up in the Reddit tradition of reaction gifs. Click the next button below to begin!

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    • Tacomatose

      Major issue we had with it was it was just over-hyped. Also there was a 30 min+ wait for 2 sandwiches. My Club was decent, but not great. My special lady friend ordered an Italian w/ everything on it and it was quite dry… needed at least some (more?) oil / vinegar / mayo / salt pepper. A deli that doesn’t nail an Italian sub? Eh.

  1. Rachael Loid

    Okay, my husband and I just moved here from Philly two weeks ago, and I cannot stress how insanely similar our experience has been! I agree 100% with every single thing you said! Except Dorky’s since we haven’t been. We keep wanting to go to trivia, but can’t seem to ever remember the date! And jet-lag…seriously..I was asleep at 7:30 our first night here! Great post!

    • Posted by: Myles

      Thanks Rachel! I lived in Philly for a while. There’s a cheese steak place in Tacoma I haven’t been to yet (I forget the name, but I know it has has Philly in the title). I say we bring our own lagers, I’ll have my aunt ship me a few amoroso rolls, and see what they throw at us. Where was your steak? Dalessandro’s all the way for me.

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